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    Mon Aug 29, 2011 2:14 am
    Message by Ghaern - The GK Siege Special and perhaps some other stuff.
    Hey snoop, pretty nice board you have here.

    We have another thread about our public events that you can't see, but over the lat few GKSS events we've had a pretty lame turnout (something like 12 people or so). Of course we have the potential to increase that number and see something over 20 or possibly more, but that requires a lot of ducks in a row, etc.

    I've proposed an alteration to this event which has seen a few favourable acknowledgements. The idea would be to integrate and utilize the growing Rebel group as an "official" opponent for this event, whereby it is GK vs Rebels and any pub players in attendance will simply be able to pick their desired team. One of the major issues so far has been making sure people join the right teams, with this its a bit easier as the problem was mostly pubbers, and they'll be allowed to go as they please. We can ensure GK and rebels get on the right teams through admin team swaps so no worries there. What do you think?

    I've also had a few GKs mention that either you or another Rebel has been asking about setting up a scrim with us or some such. I've declined up to this point because our CB is going through another phase of reorganization and the kboob has been keeping us fairly busy. However, the near future looks to be opening up a bit, and considering you're now getting a decent number of members we have the playerbase to have a decent scrim actually happen.

    What I'm proposing is we simply try to set up a "trial" scrim of sorts for the nearish future, probably using kboob rules but that's not set in stone and can be figured out on the day of. We do it up, etc and see what happens. If it seems to have been met well by your people and mine, we could try to set something up regularly between us. I'm not really looking for anything terribly serious, but just another avenue to introduce some of your people to the competitive world. In doing so, GK people can get some more practical experience against live opponents in a fairly controlled atmosphere. Practice only goes so far when we fight against one another, and it isn't practical to be testing stuff out on other clans who we regularly face. Thoughts?

    I'll check here periodically, but if you have anything urgent to inquire or talk about you can send a pm to me on LoR. Teamspeak is another reliable option.
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