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Post by Snoop on Thu Nov 20, 2014 6:56 pm

The way to gain entry to the Rebels is to join our teamspeak and get to know us. Our TS info:

We're actively recruiting so contact any of the Rebels you see around and they'll give you more info. Then join our TS and get to know us as well as us getting to know you.

FAQ, More Info and other Randomness

Is this clan for me?
The Rebels have had many different incarnations over the years ranging from very laid back warband community to a much more strict and exclusive competitive clan. In our current state we are somewhere in the middle. As a new member you will be expected to, but not required to, participate in pub play, events, scrims, practice and tournaments.

Our goal is twofold.
1. To compete in tournament play.
2. We want to expand the warband community by introducing new players to the much more exciting competitive play. The Rebels have proven themselves to be a very good clan for this purpose.  

What we're looking for in a player.
The main thing we are looking for is someone of good character, a good attitude and a willingness to improve.
We are willing to train players that are new to the game so skill is not important at this stage. That being said, expect to sit on the bench a lot if you have not improved your skills when it's time for a match.

Introduce yourself below if you are interested in joining.

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