Half-Life 2 on sale

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Half-Life 2 on sale Empty Half-Life 2 on sale

Post by Dag_of_Wood on Sat Oct 05, 2013 1:49 pm

Steam has Half-Life 2 on sale this weekend for $2.49. That's right, you can get this amazing shooter/rpg that others paid $50 for. Just remember to stay on the rocks, when you run on the sand it attracts the ant lions. Cool dune buggy on post apocalyptic highway also. This was the game that started STEAM.

From wiki:
Like its predecessor, Half-Life 2 was met with near-unanimous critical acclaim.[12][13] It was praised for its advanced physics, animation, sound, AI, graphics, and narrative. The game won 39 "Game of the Year" awards;[14] some publications named it "Game of the Decade". It won the title of "Game Of The Decade" at the 2012 Spike Video Game Awards.[15][16][17][18] Over 6.5 million copies of Half-Life 2 were sold at retail by December 3, 2008, making it a bestselling PC game[19] (not including the number of sales via Steam).[20] As of February 9, 2011, Half-Life 2 has sold over 12 million copies.[21]

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Half-Life 2 on sale Empty Re: Half-Life 2 on sale

Post by PsyKO on Sat Oct 05, 2013 3:51 pm

Yep. Definitely one of the best games out there with the exception of Fallout 3 and Warband

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